Distance learning has pros, and maybe we are taking them for granted

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Some people find it hard to adapt to this new learning dynamic. They can’t see how distance learning can have advantages over the traditional university experience. But here is a list of those pros that sometimes are under-appreciated.

Let’s start simple. Setting programmes and courses is not an easy task. That means that the offer is often limited due to the different obstacles the universities have to overcome to get those programmes ready to go. Here is where online programmes offer a great alternative: setting them up is way less complicated, that makes the amount of programmes increase and, consequently, the offer for the students. So that’s a win for online programmes and distance learning. 

Another aspect is education methodology. Younger generations of students don’t find the traditional way of teaching to be very fulfilling. So, the possibilities that distance learning offer becomes very tempting: enrolling in an online programme and listening to a lecture through a podcast, watching a class on Youtube, or even looking at virtual presentations on your computer are new ways to learn that adjust better to the daily life of the new generations. 

The final pro is related to the previous one, and it’s probably the most important one: pacing. Much like in storytelling, pacing is a very important factor in learning. Sometimes you are tired, or maybe you had a bad day, so listening to a lecture becomes another bad thing that piles up with everything else. This is a problem distance learning doesn’t have: adapting content to online platforms makes them more interactive. The possibility to rewind if you didn’t understand, or fast forward to the key points, is a blessing in time where we need everything to happen now, fast. But also having the chance to stop when you are feeling tired or upset, and getting back on track when you are feeling productive is just marvellous, and maybe we don’t appreciate it that much. Online programmes and distance learning are here to stay and we all know that, so we should enjoy all the things they have to offer.

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