Online programmes: What can You do with a Media Studies Degree?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Online programmes related to communication and journalism are very popular worldwide. However, they are not always the same, and some of them focus on media studies. Learn more about these online bachelor's degrees here.

There are several online programmes related to communication science. Why? Because it is a broad discipline with many facets to analyse, and one of them is the media. Of course, this means that media is studied in depth: From production and technical operations to theoretical information about it, these online bachelor's degrees dive deep into this field within communication.

What would you study in these online programmes?

For starters, if you decide to enrol in these online bachelor's degrees, you will analyse the economical, social, political and technological aspects that affect (and affected) the media. Everything has an impact on the media industry and on what it shows to the audience. Therefore, having an understanding of what elements affect this industry can lead to a better professional practice.

So, graduates from these online programmes have many career opportunities. They work in print journalism, they can report the news, or they can build a career in the advertising industry. How is this possible? Well, the deep understanding of the media industry enables every professional to perform effectively in every line of work related to communication and media.

Therefore, there are no doubts why these online bachelor's degrees are so popular around the world: They prepare polyvalent professionals that can read the context and use it as a way to enhance their professional development while also becoming a central part of society in terms of information and entertainment.

Of course, everyone has to start from the bottom: You will probably not be the news reporter in the prime time of South African television, but you will certainly be able to become a famous professional with time and effort.

Which institutions offer online bachelor's degrees in media studies?

In South Africa, the number of online programmes available is high and ever-growing. However, when it comes to this particular field of study, the best option might be the Bachelor of Fine Arts Majoring in Media Studies offered by the Cornerstone Institute. It is just one of the many online bachelor's degrees available in this institution and it has a length of three years.

If you want to get more information about this programme or any of the other in-person and online programmes available in different South African institutions, you can begin your search by visiting our website:

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