Human Resources: be a professional in helping others

Monday, November 16, 2020

Many people say they are skilled at dealing with other people’s problems, managing situations and giving advice. Well, if you think you have that kind of skills, this bachelor’s degree might be perfect for you.

Human Resources is an area that is always present no matter what kind of company you work for. It can be either a water supply company or a communication one: Human Resources is always there. 

But what does a Human Resources professional do?

Well, a Human Resources professional is constantly interacting with employees: trying to solve their problems, acting as a mediator in conflicts, making sure they understand their benefits as employees, just to name a few. 

But there are also administrative tasks carried out by a Human Resources professional: performing new employee orientations, facilitating the communication between the higher and the lower ranks of the company, hiring new staff and many things more.

This variety of tasks leads to an interesting day to day experience in the workplace, where new situations constantly arise and demand solutions. Plus, there is some inner fulfilment achieved in being handy and trustworthy in the eyes of others, who often see this kind of professionals as the most impartial and ethical co-workers within a company. Playing by the rules but also being able to think outside the box to provide a good point of view mostly in conflict situations makes these professionals worth listening to and great problem solvers, so employers have a good relationship with them most of the time.

Now, a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources can be pursued in many universities and also via in-person or online learning. Whatever you pick (in both university and learning methodology) will, of course, have an impact in the process of becoming a professional. 

Online learning is a great option because it lets you manage your time, it adjusts better to your schedule, reduces your expenses and all the other well-known benefits we all have learned during this time where online learning has been the norm. 

To choose where to study this bachelor’s degree is a different matter, but I suggest you pick the Management College of Southern Africa: in this institution, the bachelor’s degree’s name is “Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management”, it has a minimum length of three years and it offers the possibility to pursue it through online learning.

So, if you are interested in this bachelor’s degree and in pursuing it through online learning, click here for more information.

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