Data Analytics: A Discipline that Serves various Purposes

Monday, March 1, 2021

Data Analytics plays a central role in today’s society. So, there are online programmes entirely dedicated to it. But what exactly is it?

There are online programmes (such as online certificates) related to many aspects of technology: From cybersecurity to machine learning and even cloud computing. Of course, due to the impact technology has on our daily lives, each year more and more students decide to enroll in online certificates related to different fields within technology.

One of these fields is Data Analytics, which is being used to help organizations grow and succeed in their different areas. How? By combining technology, statistics and business, this discipline aims to provide companies with different kinds of data that is used to enhance the business’s performance.

Therefore, graduates from online programmes related to Data Analytics often work for several companies, trying to provide them with the information they can use to increase their sales or position themselves in the market.

However, the people who decide to enroll in these online certificates can also work in the financial industry. Why? Because Data Analytics can also be used to predict the market’s behaviour and trends, making it easier to measure the risks of different investments.

And graduates from online programmes related to Data Analytics can also use their knowledge and skills to help different areas: Crime prevention, healthcare, environmental protection and more can be improved via analyzing data. For instance, as of today, professionals who graduate from these online certificates often use Data Analytics to protect and preserve wildlife around the world.

Therefore, the people who decide to pursue these online certificates will find themselves in front of many career opportunities in the most various fields that exist.

Which institutions offer online certificates related to Data Analytics?

In South Africa, the number of online programmes available is high and ever-growing. However, when it comes to this particular field of study, the best option might be the Higher Certificate in Information Systems Data Analytics offered by the Pearson Institute of Higher Education. It is just one of the many online certificates available in this institution, and it has a length of one year.

If you want to get more information about this programme or any of the other online programmes available in different South African institutions, you can begin your search by clicking here.

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