What’s a Master’s of Laws General degree and why should you pursue it?

Monday, November 9, 2020

There are some things even lawyers don’t know about the Master of Laws General degree (also known as LLM). So, for both them and you (who might be interested in pursuing it, or dream to be a lawyer someday) here you have a brief guide on the Master of Laws General degree.

Let’s start with a simple thing: a Master’s degree is important. It gives you a high status in your field of study, which makes you stand out from the rest of the professionals. Of course, it means that you have to study for at least one more year than your fellow colleagues but, it’s totally worth it. 

Now, something more specific: LLM is derived from the Latin Legum Magister (master of laws), and it’s an internationally recognized post-Juris Doctor law degree. So, it’s an optional advanced study, and that means that only those professionals who are interested in diving deeper into the law system, those who want to specialize in certain areas, pursue it.

This implies that those who pursue this master’s degree have specialized in specific law fields, which makes them experts in those areas and the professionals to look for if you need help or advice in situations related to those fields.

Pursuing and earning this master’s degree while being a relatively young lawyer would be valued by employers, because it would evidence an eagerness to become a professional, an expert in a specific area. But, earning it as an experienced lawyer would be beneficial too: it would allow you to expand not only your knowledge but your working field advising international clients, or switch your practice field entirely.

From an employer’s point of view, signing a lawyer with this master’s degree means adding a professional with a global perspective and a high level of expertise and competitiveness. So it's a degree that would make you a great candidate not only within the national job market but also for the international firms seeking for professionals with a high academic level.

Taking that into consideration, pursuing this master’s degree makes an overall substantial difference in your professional career. From your own academic formation to your value in the eyes of both national and international firms.

There are several places where you can pursue this master’s degree, but the University of the Witwatersrand has a great offer and reputation (plus, it offers online learning modality). With an average length ranging from 1 year (full-time) to 2 years (part-time) and a focus on independent research, students are prepared to engage in the day to day life of an international respected law professional. 

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